Skills Audit Comparison

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.13.10.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.13.19.png

Throughout the course of the FMP, I learnt and gained a lot of knowledge.

I believe I gained a fare amount of experience when it came to colour grading as this was   a major part of my FMP because I wanted all my footage to look the same. I did watch a lot of tutorials before hand so I could get an understanding of it as well as doing some test shots so I was able to play around with it.

Here is a link to that post. –

Overall for this whole process to actually work is that you need to plan a lot and do loads of research so you have a great understanding of exactly what you want. I believe I did all this, I understand my script isn’t really that detailed as I found it difficult thinking of how exactly I wanted my trailer to be, I knew but didn’t exactly know how to write it down, this could have been a setback for me but I don’t think it was. I do believe my storyboard showed more of how I wanted my trailer to look, it definitely helped me when editing. I think that my research really helped me developed my idea, I did constant research to expand my idea to shape my trailer to what it is now.

Even though I did reshoot some of my shots, my new script and storyboard was still helpful for me as I was still able to create new shots if I wanted to. I believe having a shots list and storyboard really helped me on the day as it was a guideline for me when filming, it became more easy and less stressful for myself, my cast and crew.

A lot of changes occurred during this project and I am glad they happened it helped me learn a lot about myself and how I change my mind a lot as well as knowing there will be  minor setbacks.


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