FMP Evaluation

The project was to create my final piece to show how much knowledge and understanding I have gained throughout this year. I could have decided to do another music video but as I don’t want to do music next year, I thought I should do either another short film or a documentary where I interview various people. I believe this will help me display why I want to do Film & Tv next year. I decided to do a documentary interviewing two of my friends, I haven’t done something like this before and it does require more research as it is new two me, I watched various interviews and read guidelines on how to interview someone. The interviews I watched where picked at random ones that looked completely different from one another so I could see many ways interviews are done and handled. I watched these videos multiple times the first I watched them whole way through the next few I focused on the camera angles, the lighting and sound.

These websites did help me a lot on how to interview someone but as I am interviewing two of my friends I feel like it will just be a normal conversation. I watched some interviews to give me a an idea of what kind of set up I would want so this would give me an idea of the camera angles I could possibly use. I knew what type of questions I wanted to ask my interviewees, questions they hardly get asked only a daily basis for example goals in life but also for there to be quite funny question. I didn’t want my interview based on a specific topic or for it to be educational, I wanted it to be fun entertaining for others to watch but at the same time make them think of what they would answer. I wrote the first set of questions that came into my mind but then decided to search some up corresponding to the ones I had thought of. I also asked my peers to write their own down to help me out.


My idea came from watching someones YouTube video which was titled ‘DEEP QUESTIONS’ it stood out to me, I watched it through and enjoyed it, they got the questions from a website called once you pick your answer it tells you if you were in the majority or minority.

I added in the quickfre questions to it make more entertaining, my inspiration came from watching Ellens ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Drake & Jared Leto, hearing the crowds reaction and theirs made it funny and amusing. I watched more to see if there was similar reactions and there were.

I decided on giving my interviewees the main questions beforehand and them write down there answers so I was able to find some information about it as well as later when it came to editing I can add pictures of their answers. I didn’t give them the quickfire questions as I wanted them to be in suspense and make them think on the spot.

From my short film I was completely new to that camera, I did do some research about it but not as much as I should of so for this project I watched multiple videos on DSLR’s, how to keep them in focus, lighting etc. I filmed outside so I watched videos that would help me know if there were certain settings needed to be done, there was but I was unable to find them.


The software I used to edit my footage was Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, I thought it would take me a while to cut down the footage from 6 different clips and deciding which parts I wanted but it didn’t. I edited Charlie’s footage first and picked which clips I wanted then edited Annabelle’s clips. I then had to move the clips into the correct order because I wanted to flick back from Charlie to Annabelle and visa versa for example when I ask Annabelle a question Charlie’s answer would be after I said the question then Annabelle’s answer. I was thinking of editing the footage from when I filmed with Charlie in Adobe After Effects to sharpen it but I didn’t because I got use to the fact it was slightly out of focus and the people who saw the footage could tell but when I was editing it became unnoticeable.

I used the razor to cut any parts out that I didn’t need, it was definitely my go to tool.


I added in ‘titles’ which I could add text in which I did for the main questions or insert a graphic which I did for most if not all the answers they gave me.

I added in music to play in the background, I used the instrumental to the songs. I lowered the the sound to the songs by using Audio Gain from there by changing the db, if I wanted to lower the music or audio I would have type in -5 or if I wanted it louder I would put it at 5.

I exported my project from Premiere.


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 14.42.08

I found a some things difficult for example I wanted to add in a clip of one of the answers that Charlie had said but I couldn’t figure out how, I thought I found a way but it didn’t work, I looked on YouTube and couldn’t see any videos that would help me. Moving the clips into order wasn’t hard or difficult but to me it did take a while but once I got the hang out it became easier. I think a main problem was that in Quicktime Player my footage with Charlie looks blurry but in Premiere it looks completely fine so I believe I have found a solution for it by using the highest render quality. It still looks blurry but less then before. On YouTube it looks completely fun but Quicktime Player downgrades it.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 13.15.16.png

As a whole this project went quickly went came to editing it felt natural and somewhat easy for me even though I was unsure beforehand how long it would take me. Adding the text and images were easy when I got use to it, I feel comfortable doing it. I feel like this is my favourite piece of work I have done there could easily be more improvements done but as whole it’s at a good standard, I like the way I edited it with it going back and forth from the two interviews.

If I was to redo this project I would hopefully have the lights I booked so that the footage from myself interviewing Charlie would look way better then it is. Next time I would make sure that the zoom is on the right setting so I can use one audio instead of various. Depending on the criticism I get from when I present my FMP to my class, someone may say have the images up for a longer period and for them to be smaller but if I did that there would be less footage to be shown and people are either going to want the images to cover the whole screen to for them to be small so there isn’t a win win.