June 6th 2017

I have continued watching interviews and compared what I have done with what they have done. As you can see this interviewer is reading her questions off of a piece which I have also done so. Before I thought that if I did this it would look unprepared but realising that another interview has done this makes it seem that it is common, it shows that I have planned out in advance what I am going to ask. Also during the interview the interviewer has her main questions but when Ellen replies has thought of another question on the spot which correlated with her answer. I know many interviewers do that but with this one to me stands out a lot more.

During this interview the shot that has been set up is a medium shot with a few medium close ups. I believe their set is the same as mine with there being more then one camera and only a couple of lights.

In this interview we can see that the questions have been in added in along with images with what has been said. At first when I added in the text in my interview I was unsure on if other interviewers do that, if it would make my whole interview seem bland and not professional in a way.




I have also exported my fmp so I can put it onto YouTube.



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