June 2nd 2017

I am currently going through my video and seeing if I want to make any changes to it. I have added in more images of their answers and shorten them down when they appear on the screen. I am unsure if I want each question to appear as I feel like it somewhat takes away the whole interview purpose, I have added in the questions for the main set of questions but I don’t know if I should to the quick fire questions as well. On Monday I am going to ask various people their opinions on how I have edited so far and if I should add in text for every single question.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 13.12.50.png

Currently unsure what song instrumentals I should put in the background whilst the interview is going on, hopefully by next Monday I will know what songs I am going to use. Next Monday I believe I will completely finish my FMP as theres only a couple more things needed to be added in, this means I can then finish Unity which is the last thing on my list to complete.


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