May 31st 2017

Looking back on it the audio from the other two cameras they sound fine so I am going use it, it was just the audio from the Canon that sounded bad as you can hear the wind more then our actual voices.

I have been moving the clips into the order I want them in, I haven’t added in any extra clips for example Charlie says ‘seeing the Chainsmokers live’ I haven’t added in a clip of them performing but I have left a few gaps. This what I have done so far up to the blue line, the next parts after that is the quick fire round.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 14.20.45.png

I believe the video as a whole will be a bit under 10 minutes which most interviews are. With this interview it has a lot of humour and a good vibe as the interviewer isn’t taking it too seriously but is having fun with it, making the interviewee feel comfortable and not awkward.

All the footage I am going to use are now in order which I am pleased about, I thought it would take me a while but it was quicker and somewhat easy then I thought.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.35.37.png

Tomorrow I am going to add in he extra clips, photos of their answers and add in background music. I think I will sharpen parts of the video to make it more perfect and for it to have a better look as well as lowering the volume to some audio and to make some louder. I have a feeling I can finish  by Friday with all of this then finish of my Unity which I only have few more things to do.


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