May 24th 2017

Today I went out to London to film with Annabelle. I wasn’t able to get a zoom but I was able to get another camera to use that as my audio for the clips I choose. The lighting wasn’t perfect but it will do as it looks natural, to me the camera quality doesn’t look appealing but once it is in Premiere Pro CC 2015 I think it will be fine. I slightly changed the camera angles because of the lighting so instead of two separate cameras facing us individually they both face us so there is three different angles, I like the look of it. I used my Canon 100d and my two iPhones but looking back at it now my iPhone 6 should have been centre as for some reason the quality looked way better then on the Canon and my 6s Plus, I know when editing I will be using a lot of the footage from it. I will commence editing this footage next Tuesday until it is complete. I may sharpen or add in an effect to some of the footage so it looks more bolder. I am glad with the footage I have captured today as well as my audio.

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