FMP Research

Throughout the last month I have been researching about interviews and put it into my daily posts. I have now decided to do one main post showing various sources I have used as I am getting closer to filming. An interview comes under the category of an interview. To define a documentary it is where you have a set subject and expand on it, some documentaries can recreate actual events that have occurred, someones life story or a certain era.

The main types of documentaries are Poetic documentaries which is based on experiences from someones perspective to show the audience a feeling other than a truth, an example of this is the film RAIN which came out in 1929. Expository documentaries are what most people define a documentary to be, they aim to give you an understanding and convince you through the voice of someone else as a narration during the footage, which provides factual information. Observation Documentaries just observe the situation it allows the audience to have their own interpretation of it. With this there is no interview or voiceover, some examples is MTV Cribs where they tour someones house but only show the interesting parts, they use long shots to every part of the house, the only talking is that person being recorded. Another example is Big Brother where cameras are set up around the house which are hidden to show the natural behaviour of the housemates. Before hand there is an interview for them to be able to get in where they show their personalities in a way. Participatory Documentaries is where it is based on the filmmaker themselves where they open up about certain subjects and answers questions. Some celebrities do this when they become big and want to show a side of them they don’t see or what it is like on a daily basis for them.  Reflexive Documentaries are based on the film maker who shows the making of the film then the content which is what the viewer is more interested about. For example Nick Broomfield ‘Driving Me Crazy’. Performative Documentaries is where is reaches out to the audience on an emotional subject that has occurred in that persons lifetime, it is more direct and personal to the person. An example of this Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad.


Target Audience

I would say my target audience is young adults aged 15-20 as it is topic based on questions they would get asked when they become more aware of certain changes in their lives. Some of the questions being asked could help them thing about what and how they would like to see their future become. It will provide them more knowledge and understanding of how others their age are thinking, where their mind set is. However adults over the age of 20 can still have an interest in my video as they’d might like seeing things a teenagers perspective and possibly ask these questions to their children if they are around the same age or just in general.

Audience Research

For audience research I decided to ask the people in my course to read the questions I already have and too see if they can think of any themselves. I did this so it can help me add or take away questions, it also shows me questions they would want to be asked if I was interviewing them.

Sources of Research

I have used various sources during my research process. I watched these interviews twice through the first time I just watched it the whole through, the first thing I noticed there was a lot of humour which is what I am going for, it makes the interview more lively and not bland. The second time I watched them all I paused and looked more at the camera angles, the shots and lighting. These interviews have definitely inspired me and given me ideas on how I want my interview to look and sound.


The information in this website gave me and idea of how I could set my cameras up:

Camera Set Up

I have been looking on many websites on interview tips and advice so I can apply them when I do mine, these have given me more on a insight to what interviews have to do beforehand and how they prepare themselves.

I have also watched peoples setup videos of them shooting outside, even though I don’t have their equipment they give other options.


I have decided that after the main questions to do a quick fire round where I ask simple questions which need little responses to add in that extra entertainment and for it to be funnier. I asked the two interviewees what types of questions they think would suit the quick fire round and I wrote them down. My inspirations for these questions are would you rather, this or that, either or. I also looked on various websites to give me some more help from the ones I already had.

The website below helped me a lot as it is the actual game would you rather, so I played it myself and discovered at the end of each one I have chosen there is results showing what other people have chosen. If you are the majority or minority.



The main reason I have chosen to do quick fire questions as I have watched interviews where they ask the interviewee a multiple questions which requires one word responses but because the questions are somewhat difficult it becomes entertaining as they have to answer as quickly as they can. I believe this will be fun to put my interviewees on the spot and see how they handle it. When I watched these interviews the interviewees were enjoying themselves they felt comfortable around the interview to answer the questions and they had fun with it, laughing about their answers or how they can’t think of it.


From the interviews and websites I have watched/looked through these are my chosen quickfire questions. I like these questions as they are simple yet effective, I truly believe these questions are enjoyable. If I do think of anymore after this or when I am shooting this I will note it down.


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