Game Evaluation

The project was to first watch a tutorial on a website called Unity and create it myself following along. Then afterwards pick another tutorial and create that game but to be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of doing this. The way to create the game you had to type in Unity3d on the mac then create an account to then start, to create the game I had to script most of it and change the axis but scripting was the main part. The tutorial on the website Unity was the main help as it showed everything so that was probably the easiest part of this project. For me to export the game I had to go to file then Build & Run, add my scene it would become an app on my Mac. For me to let someone play it I have log into My google account and link it.

I did find it hard because I had no interest with the game at all so I just forgot about it and pushed it to the side, I focused more on my fmp. Remembering where I left off the next time I actually did the game was hard because it all looks the same and I forget where things are but that is somewhat my fault. It isn’t really a successful piece as I didn’t even complete the project but Steve did say to the class that if the ball moves then that’s fine as the whole class had no intention of finishing the game. At the same time I am happy with the final piece I produced as I have never done scripting before so it is good to say that I tried. Scripting and following the tutorials was the things that went well for me but either way I disliked the project it is not something I would want to redo in the future. I prefer shooting and editing videos then gaming.


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