May 9th 2017

Today I focused more on my research, I have done some but I feel like I need to more and go into even more detail with it. I am filming next week so I want to be officially complete with my research and just to focus on editing it before the deadline. The research I have been doing is primary, secondary and audience research.

I have also gone over the questions with Charlie so I get a brief understanding of what his answers will be. This will give me an advantage to asking more questions based off of his answers and do research about the. I did some primary by asking people in my class to read my questions and to think of their own to add. I also asked Charlie and Annabelle if they wanted me to do a quick fire round at the end to add more entertainment as well as making them think quickly for answers, I think it will be enjoyable as do they.

My final decision on the location is outside I will shoot at the Jubilee Gardens with the London in the background when I interview Annabelle and for Charlie it will be the white background in the photography room. When I edit this I will mix it into one as fellas adding in videos and photos of their answers.

I have watched some videos on YouTube to help me with keeping them camera in focus as in my short film the camera did go out of focus or you could hear the camera focusing so I clearly want the interview to be in focus the whole time.



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