April 18th 2017

Today I focused on getting my pitch presentation ready to present tomorrow, I have been adding a fair amount of detail for this presentation as it will count towards my final grade. It also to show I have improved from my previous presentations that I know what I am doing with my project. I have also done my proposal form for my fmp which I have added a lot of detail for to show I have a complete understanding on what has to be done. Whilst doing these it has me thinking on how I have more research to do for example how my lighting will be and having a clearer idea on where I am placing my cameras. I do need research more about how to interview someone, I have interviewed people in the past but this time it is being recording so I can’t crumble under pressure.

I have now decided that I am going to interview two people instead of it being more then that. I am going to interview one boy and one girl as it will be coming from two different perspectives, different genders and they both have a different outlook in life. It will show how girls and boys think different about certain topics.

I am finding it hard to know where to setup the lighting for my interview. I know exactly where my cameras will be.

Camera Set Up

I have been looking on google for different setups but I don’t see any that suit how I want the cameras setup or it doesn’t show the lighting. There isn’t many on google images or YouTube unless I am typing in the wrong thing.

I have now find this setup which I believe will work for my interview as it set exactly  how I want my cameras to be, one camera facing myself, one camera facing the interviewee then one with both of us in the shot.

Multi Camera Set up

Some of the sights I have finished to help me with this process:



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