April 12th 2017

Throughout this half term I have been contemplating on what to do my FMP on. I decided to email my teacher asking for some help and advice, he came back to me with two ideas the first one was another dramatic short film where the theme was moving on. He said I would have to get props and go from there to think of a storyline but explain and show how these props fit in. The props were a hat, a gun or other weapon, something you’d take on holiday, candles and a toy for a pet. This gave me the idea of someone running away from home because they weren’t happy with the life they had.

The second idea was a documentary where I interview various people my age on a set subject present, past or future. I got given a few topic ideas but I felt these ideas weren’t what I was looking for if I was to do an interview, to me they didn’t seem interesting and seemed to educational in a way. I decided on doing interview with various people my age asking them some deep meaningful questions as well as future goals in life etc. This idea came to me when I was trying to think of questions that don’t really get asked in interviews that are completely serious but at the same time interviewers do throw them in for a sense of fun. When I was on YouTube I saw someone’s “Would you rather” video but the title was “deep questions” I watched it all the way through it got me thinking more on the questions I would choose, it also made me think if I would do a would you rather video but realised the time frame was a bit too short if I want to get other peoples thoughts.

Here are the questions I have wrote down:


I am going to narrow down the questions as I have 16 and I feel as if that is too many for a short interview with various people so I am going to pick the ones I feel are best suited for this interview that are entertaining yet meaningful. To be honest it will be hard for me to decide which specific questions I will want to use as I do not know how much detail the interviewees will go into but at the same time if I do not pick enough I have backup questions.

I am currently watching various interviews to get an understanding of where the cameras are set up, the lighting as well as the sound. This will give me ideas of how I would want to set up when I do these interviews.

Here are some of the interviews I have watched:


I am currently undecided on how I want to set up the cameras if it should have two cameras so went I edit it is flipped back and forth between myself and the interviewee or for both of us to be in the shot and there being two other cameras which face us individually. I have watched these interviews multiple times watching the cameras switch from different angles as well as how the lighting is placed. I am unsure on where I am going to do these interviews it is clear to me that I am going to do them in the same location but I am not sure where to be precise.

I decided to narrow down the questions so there would be 10, I timed myself and my mum answering the questions it took around 3 and half minutes. I am going to stick with these 10 questions but as I will be interviewing my friends who knows if we would go on from a certain question to another whilst in conversation which is good as it would be more raw. I know to go back to the questions at hand as that is what all interviewers do.

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