Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Evaluation

The project was to first watch a silenced clip of the dock scene from the film and think what sounds would go where. I then had to go into a group and see what sounds we got and make one final list of sounds at which time. From this we then went out with zooms to create some of these sounds, we also as a group did the dialogue for the characters. Throughout this we worked in the various rooms such as the AV room, we worked on Adobe Audition when recording any of the sounds as well as the dialogue.

When editing this myself on the Mac I edited on Adobe Audition, cutting down certain sounds that wasn’t needed as well as making any sounds louder or quieter if needs be. Most the sounds were at the correct timeframe so that did make it easier other sounds weren’t but I had a sheet over paper of what sounds go where. Once I had finished editing all the sounds and alining them into the right timeframe, I exported it then imported it into Adobe Premier Pro 2017. I then added in the silence clip into this project then exported to then post it onto my YouTube channel.

The things I found a common error but not hard was making the mistake of pressing pause after someone recorded a sound instead of pressing stop, this made everyone to record the sounds again. Another error which has happened is my group forgetting to put it onto the server as one week I wasn’t in they didn’t put it onto Digital Animation for us to access it from any other room next time we recorded. I made mistake which was also made when I wasn’t there was that there was two projects which had our sounds on so we then need help to copy and paste it into one project. When I did export it I had to do it twice because the audio wasn’t there the first time but when I did it the second time it was there but I did the exact same process before.

What I found easy was editing the sounds which had to be cut down as well as increasing the pitch or lowering the pitch of the sounds. The easy about this project was that I have done audio like this before but with the clip I had chosen myself with that I had no clue what I was doing but this project I felt that it was easy for me to do. I do believe this was a successful piece of work as it is better then my previous work on Foley. I had a much better understanding on Foley and how it works, I found the editing much more easier then before. I was able to do this editing quiet quickly even though I had other work to do.

What went well was that the dialogue was already in sync so I didn’t need to worry about having to try my best to sync it up so that was an advantage. There duplicates of sounds we had done so it helped if one sounded better then the other. The editing was complex, I felt like it went smoothly better then any previous work I have done in Audition besides my podcast.

If I was to do this differently I would make sure there is one specific project folder for all the sounds to go in. Overall the project was successful and I feel confident enough to do it again if needs be.


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.19.23.png

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