iProduct Evalutaion

The project was to create my own apple product that hasn’t been created, I did research on the apple products that have already been released and watch a few of Steve Jobs’ presentations to give me some ideas of what I could do. It took me a while for me to think of what I should design and create as apple is unique. I then thought of something I think apple wouldn’t do which was a bag, at first it sounded weird but then I thought if there was an app free to downland once purchased the bag it could help a lot. The ideas I came up with were different from what apple would normally do, e.g. if you have lost your bag there is a tracking device inside which is connected with the app.

For creating the my apple which is called the iBag I used Photoshop throughout at this point I felt confident with it. I took a plain leather bag and a plain backpack, added a apple logo on top of it. I did have to resize the logo, as well as cutting round it as there was a white background. For me to able to use these images in my presentation I exported them as a JPG and a PSD.

What I found hard was probably thinking of an idea, knowing what exactly to describe and how much detail to go into with it so I did somewhat forget about it. At first getting rid of the background was somewhat difficult but I got use to it also creating the tweet mock up was hard as I didn’t know how to but found out there are websites for fake tweets. The things I found easy was once I had my idea I knew what was gonna happen with the bag, the features that were gonna be part of it. Once I did the first bag the rest became easier as I just had add in layers for the other bags and just place the apple logo where I wanted it to go.

I believe this is a successful piece of work as during this I felt confident when it came to Photoshop at the start of this year I had never used it and diving into without having an idea, I feel like I have improved and have somewhat got an understanding. I am happy with the final outcome with it all. To be honest everything went well the apple product was simple to create, my ideas in my opinion were really good and well thought out and I was able to use Photoshop with any hassle. If I was to do this different I would maybe pick something a bit harder, an apple product that apple would actually release but at the same time I could go into more detail with the app as I did focus more on the bag but the app is a big part of the product.

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