Short Film Evaluation

Throughout this whole process I have been evaluating myself on various post.

This project was to create my own short film about anything I wanted it to be, the classification rating has to be PG. I came up with my idea through multiple ideas when we did this activity earlier on this year where we had to think of a story associated with something. Then having to share them with various people but taking their story to tell someone else till I landed with someone else. I have used Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 and Adobe Audition to edit everything, the tools I have mainly used is the ‘cut’ where I just select the clips I want into the video as well as changing the pitch in Audition.

I found a lot of things hard for example figuring out how to get rid of the camera sounds which I have now decided to leave in because where these sounds are is when the two characters speak but also when I have tried got rid of it from there is underwater type of sound which I think sounds worse so there is no win win for me. I even tried cancelling down the pixel width of the paintbrush which I used to get rid of it, it went from 50-5 and it didn’t help at all. When recording this there was multiple takes to be done as the two characters couldn’t think of things to talk about but I thought before hand it would be easy for them, I know if I scripted their whole conversation it would’ve sounded forced and just not seem natural at all. The main thing I found easy was editing because I truly do it enjoy making it the way I want it to be, I knew how I wanted things to be so editing it came easy.

To me it is a successful piece of work but at the same time it could easily be better, I got the shots and angles I wanted as well as all the speech but the main problem that puts me off is the camera sounds. I guess it is my fault as I didn’t know the ins ad outs of it all I just knew how to record and focus which I believe is the main priority. I am happy with it all because I created nothing to something in such a short space of time which I am pleased about. I know that my video isn’t five minutes long which is the minimum but I got everything that was going to be I’m video. The main things that went well was that I got all the footage I needed even if it was as long as it should be. At the start of my video there is a montage which I created without music as I didn’t know what song to use for it but then realised I knew this song which would fit in, I didn’t even realise how well it went until I had put it in, from that I have decided to move the clips more in time with the audio then it already is so it can give off a better effect.

I would definitely to a lot differently the first being knowing how to actually use the camera and to stop things from happening. I believe my pre production planning was good as I think I did go into a lot of detail about everything but next time I would do more so its more of a step by step process. I get a microphone to go on top of the camera so it can pick up the audio much better. Try and take multiple takes to see which one is the best or if i want to mix them together when editing.

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