Scene Two

Annabelle: Hey, do you just want to walk through the woods to tesco?

Lily: Yeah sure, isn’t quicker going through there anyways?

Annabelle: Yeah think so.

Lily: I need food like right now.

Annabelle: Literally same, I didn’t even have breakfast.

(when walking to the woods they can talk about whatever so it isn’t forced conversation)

Scene Six

Annabelle: Lily whats that in the grass? (Annabelle bends down)

Lily: (walks over) isn’t that someones wallet?

Annabelle: Should we take it and find the owner?

Lily: I don’t know but I just have a bad feeling about this…

Annabelle: Lets just keeping going to tesco.

Lily: Init I am getting hungry (Both Laugh)

Scene Seven

Annabelle: I am actually so tired of walking, can we stop I need a drink?

Lily: I don’t even have one.

Annabelle: I wish tesco was closer to your house than this.

Scene Nine:

Lily: (Points to the ground) Annabelle theres more of someones belongings.

Annabelle: Theres and oyster card, chewing gum… wait is that blood???

Lily: Please tell me you’re joking?

Annabelle: I think we should collect all of this and find the owner, have you got a bag to put his stuff in?

Lily: 100%, I am actually getting scared now I don’t even know why, I think i do.

Scene Ten:

Lily: We are still going to tesco?

Annabelle: Yeah after we find the owner of all this stuff, might get a reward.

Lily: Imagine but its not like we found his dog.

Annabelle: Yeah true.


During scenes three, four, five they are going to talk about whatever they want as I don’t want it to sound fake when they have a full conversation. I want there to be a natural flow of laughter and enjoyment when these two characters are portrayed in the short film. The script is basically a guideline for them so they can interpret it in their own way.


16th March – Record the whole of the short film, multiple takes. 







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