March 6th 2017

So today I am still doing the pre production for my short film as I didn’t do any on the weekend like I said I would, I can’t film any of my short film in college as I need to be in the woods near my house. Today I am hoping to finish it all this week so by the 18th March I can film it all then, I know it is late to film then when the project is due in another week or so but its the only day I know I will be able to film with the two other people. I am currently doing my storyboard but because google maps doesn’t actually go into the woods so this weekend I will have to go into the woods myself and take pictures to then add into my storyboard.

Below is a screenshot of my storyboard it is not completed but these are the places where I will be filming, I have my acts next to the storyboard so I can follow it when creating the storyboard.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.05.16.png

I am now referring back to a powerpoint created from a while back which has all the descriptions of the various shots and angles so I can add any into my short film so it is more in depth and actually looks like a short film.

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