February 28th 2017

This morning I focused on Foley with my group for the Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs silent clip, we had to do the dialogue this time Rory was Flynn, I was meant to be Sam but I couldn’t get in time with her so Jack did Sam instead and was in sync as well as Steve. At the start we did a have few problems the folder wasn’t on Digital Animation so two of my group had to go back to the previous room they were in and copy it from the Local Storage on there to Digital Animation so we could get it onto the computer we were working on in there. We had trouble throughout doing all the sounds as whenever we finished recording it would automatically crash on us each time before we could even say it so we had to keep redoing some of the dialogue. Luckily we were able to complete all the dialogue in the end which is a relief for us all. I wasn’t here last week for the previous Foley session but my group was able to do more of the sounds we needed, its bad I missed out but at least they still did work. We are close to finishing the audio for the clip.

I am now going back to Unity to create my game, it is very confusing as I have follow a tutorial whilst doing it at the same time. The tutorial I am following is one called Roll a Ball I believe it is the easy one to follow but its the steps to create it.

I have now got two placeholder images which I am glad I have done, I now have to do a logo which I may just use one of my placeholder images as well as a wordpress banner which I can even use for YouTube.

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