Film Genres

Action – To define an action film it is mainly where a leading character or characters take upon a series of various challenges which typically include violence, close combat, physical fights and frantic chases. Some action films most likely have some type of hero who faces a few struggles along the way which could include life threatening situations, a villain and may conclude in a victory for that hero. Action can also be associated with thriller and adventure film genres. I would say that action films are definitely are my favourite types of films to watch as I like action packed films with a meaning behind it. I like getting the thrill from it all as well as their being a villain of some sort in it makes it much interesting and entertaining for me. I do enjoy action films that have a bit of comedy in it with those odd lines where the characters in it make a few jokes. Some action films can be predictable but I would still watch it. Examples for action, Deadpool, Fast Five, Mechanic: Resurrection, Central Intelligence and Creed.

Comedy – To define a comedy film it is mainly based on humour these films are produced to make the audience laugh and smile throughout so you can be amused, they normally exaggerate certain characteristics for a humorous effect. Films like this normally have a happy ending, compared to other film genres it puts more focus on the character. Comedy can be split into multiple genres based on the type of humour you are going for, the method of it and the context which is portrayed. As a whole I like comedy films I find them really entertaining and amusing. Comedy horrors, action comedies, romantic comedies and comic science fiction are definitely the ones I watch the most then the rest especially action comedies as they are easy to watch numerous times. Examples for comedy, Dirty Grandpa, Bad Neighbours, How to Be Single and Daddys Home.

Horror – To define a horror film it is created to toy with the audiences emotions by playing with their fears, nightmares, repulsion and terror of the unknown. Frequent themes of horror films are supernatural and macabre, horror can also tie in with fantasy, supernatural fiction and thriller genres. The horror genre can have various plots within it frequently involving an evil force , event to persona into an everyday scenario. Common elements that are included in the horror genre is ghost, vampires, zombies, psychopaths, extraterrestrials to just name a few. Overall I disliked horror because I don’t like the whole concept of my emotions and fears being in a movie as well as being scared every second of a movie, I never watch them this is definitely the one genre I would never watch or enjoy. I don’t mind comedy horrors because they are somewhat predictable so it eases off me being scared the whole time and you do get a laugh out of it as well. Examples of horror, The Exorcist, The Conjuring, Ouija and The Shining.

Romance – To define a romance film is its essentially based on the relationship or a romantic love between two people, they portray love stories which focus on the passion, emotion and affectionate romantic connection between the main characters and the journey that they share strongly together. Sometimes during a romance film the two lovers face obstacles for example, physical illness, different from of discrimination, finances etc. As well as many forms of love can be shown in the films for example forbidden love, obsessive love and tragic love etc. To be honest I do enjoy romance films sometimes they can be predictable depending on the situation but overall I do enjoy watching them as they do make you think about love and your perspective on it. Examples of romance, Titanic, The Notebook, The Fault in Our Stars, Me Before You and The Longest Ride.

Fantasy – To define a fantasy film it includes imaginative and fan static themes, those films normally involve magic, supernatural events or fantasy worlds. It can be combined with horror and science fiction but with fantasy it has that portion of myth, owner, escapism and the extraordinary. I do like fantasy films just because its so different from the other genres and that there is imagination and creativity behind it which makes it that bit more entertaining and enjoyable. I prefer fantasy more than a romance film just because of the concept of it. Examples, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, X-Men, Ted and Tomorrowland.

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