January 30th 2017

Today I focused on cuts and transitions I had to fill out a table with out the cut types that there is, I had to explain what it is, why use it and if it was in the film or in post by finding out this information I had to watch a video that explained it all for me, it even had examples from films that it has be done in. (Link Below)

I then got given the task to do these cut types myself with someone from my class, we had to get two cameras and two tripods so that we are able to film the different shots. We were able to do most of the shots that you are able to film but the ones which were post we are able to use the video footage then edit it once its on Adobe Premiere Pro. This means I will have to edit the different cuts myself to make it the correct one, for example a cut away, invisible cut, cross cut etc.

Below is a screenshot of me editing one of the cut types as you can see I am cutting a clip.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 14.24.28.png

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