January 25th 2017

Today I focused on my apple product as I have hardly done anything towards it but I have had my idea for a while and what some of the features are going to be. My apple product is going to be an ‘iBag’. I don’t want to explain too much about it as I will have to present it in front of my class, I am currently doing my powerpoint for it. I need to do the mock up tweet and Facebook post for it as well as using Photoshop to get mock up image of what the ‘iBag’ will look like. I will definitely do it for both genders a handbag and a bag pack, I know not all men/boys like bag packs but it’ll be the first of many of the iBags.

Below is a screenshot of my powerpoint so far, I will make it more eye-catching later but I’d rather get the information down first then go back and make it more presentable.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 14.15.58.png


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