January 24th 2017

So today I focused on the sounds with my group, we first had to set up all the microphones, adobe audition, create a new folder in local storage so we could then copy that onto digital animation. I guess I took somewhat charge of the whole Adobe Audition pressing record each time whenever someone made a sound from our list. We definitely did all the recordings which we could to within the studio, we done them multiple times which everyone in the group did part take in. We did various takes on the sounds we done just in case one was better than the other. As a group we did work well together but of course one person had to be a bit too serious about it and make it seem as if we were doing a professional job, we did have a fun it and laughed about but at the same time we did most the sounds which when we listened back to it sounded really good. Even though the work went really well the same person did try and make out as if we didn’t care about the work even though we did it to a good standard, this person did make some sly quite rude comments that we wouldn’t work well in the professional side of it but we still carried on doing the task at hand. When saving this project I had to get it from local storage on one computer to then put it onto digital animation which is a server that appears on every computer, I did this so in the next room I could get it from digital animation to the local storage on that computer to then open it in Adobe Audition but when I saved it I had to recopy it into digital animation. Steve also told me it is best to do each sound on a diffract track when using multitrack as it’ll be easier to find when the titles of them are named as well if we want to do multiples of a certain sound we know where to record it. We also as group had to collect the ambient sounds with the zooms for example, a swish, metallic thump and wind blowing just to name a few. I then got the sounds onto digital animation so everyone in my group is able to get them, I also titled them so they know which sound is which when wanting to use them instead of having to listening to them all to find the one they want. This washy first time doing foley it was definitely a fun experience because of the people in my group as we did get to joke around with it as well as doing the actual task.

Below is Rory making a squelching sound.

Below is some of the first recordings we did. 

Below is Jack and Charlie getting some Ambient sounds.



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