January 17th 2017

Today I watched the cloudy with a chance of meatballs clip so I can list the sounds I will need to use when doing them myself. I have a few sounds listed that can be added in I hope I am able to make these sounds myself so it sounds better then the last audio production task I did. I have now been given my section on what sounds I will have to get myself, got given the catergory ‘people’ which is easy as I can just do the sounds myself instead of having to find them. I am now doing research on various sounds and how I can do them.

I am now focusing on my podcast, I have just added in backing music to add a sense of entertainment to my podcast (See Below).Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.36.15.png

I have added in two songs as my first song isn’t long enough but I am happy with the transition to the next song as they somewhat have the same beat with it. I did also lower the music so that the podcast audio is louder then it. Some parts of my audio is quiet even though I made the audio louder in Adobe Audition but I did make the certain parts louder. (See my podcast evaluation).


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