Story – Genres

Story I have been given – I was at home playing a game then all of a sudden these random people came in my room and kept asking if I wanted to be beat up. I said no but then a fight broke out and of course I won. I then continued playing my game.

Intro – At home playing a game

Middle – The Fight

End – Winning

Action – I was just driving around the neighbourhood in my new car and of course to my luck my rival gang appeared in their cars across the intersection, I thought they wouldn’t see me but of course they did luckily I was meeting my lot. We all somehow ended up in a car chase like per usual we then got to a quarry, everyone got out their cars and nonetheless a fight broke out, last time we had a fight we won and there was no doubt we were gonna lose to these wannabes. Of course again we won, we always do but this gang never gives up. I decided to go back to my neighbourhood and just drive round.

Romance – We were on our annual monthly date night, 5 years we have been together and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We talked and ate both so mesmerised by one another then the mood change. It was all going so well but it was too good to be true, it is us, we had to have an argument, its how we are I didn’t want to but it just happened. We both knew what was going on and just bursted out laughing in the middle of the restaurant whilst everyone just stares at us awkwardly. After that things we were back to normal us just eating and talking about our future, I am happy and wouldn’t change anything.

Fantasy – It was sunny day at Gnome Park, one of the local schools had planned a trip to a water park everyone loved it except for one; Caleb he was afraid. No one knew why he disliked water parks as he swam for the school, he just made excuses up each time someone would ask but little did he know today was the day he faced his fears. The school bully Asher confronted Caleb about the waterpark situation, Caleb was so afraid he didn’t know what to say he kept on stuttering on his words all of a sudden he screamed ‘I hate heights’ everyone was silenced. Caleb looked around thinking everyone would be pointing and laughing at him but the weren’t Asher explained to Caleb there was nothing to be afraid of, Caleb believed him. Asher and Caleb went on the waterslides together and his fear had gone.

The Sub-types

Overcoming the monster – I hate flying still do but I think I am getting use to it, taking off in a plane makes my thoughts go crazy as well as being in the air over water. Before taking off the whole build up of it makes me feel physically sick. I don’t mid landing because it means I am safe. On my way back from where I have been I don’t remember being scared or feeling sick once so I guess that makes me feel somewhat proud of myself.

Rags to riches – One time I used up all my money on my account for the canteen at school not realising that I had used all it up so for the next two days I had to use my own money I was saving up just so I could eat, I then ended up spending £10 on food for the next two days because whenever I just have a decent amount of money I spend almost all of it.

The Quest – Back when I use to swim I would do competitions to get a new pb and win medals, it made me feel proud of myself winning a race or getting a medal especially when I was against people older than me.

Voyage and return – Went on holiday to Egypt for two weeks best time ever swam with dolphins, went parasailing and met some amazing friends from different places.

Comedy –  Even though I am scared of heights when I went parasailing I was with my brother, I kept telling him I couldn’t do it, it was about to be our turn he knew I would say that and I could tell he was annoyed but I did do it anyway. Once in the air I kept making jokes and dancing to forget what was happening for me it was a funny time with my brother.

Tragedy – Thinking someone you knew was a good person and had no wrong in them but it just turns out they are the opposite of what you ever believed them to be.


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