January 9th 2017

Today we moved onto the next three units which is audio production, video production and interactive media. We focused on story telling as we have to do a short film. First we had to go around the classroom in pairs and write things that associate with the genre given. We got given a slip to prompt us for a story the has occurred mine said ‘What is your most embarrassing moment?’ I couldn’t think of anything embarrassing that has happened to me the only thing I could think of was when I stacked onto the bus and everyone saw even the bus driver asked if I was okay and to watch out next time. I had to go to someone else to then tell them that and they told me theres we had to switch stories each person I went to and ended up with someone else by the end of the task. From that we had another task which was to go from the story that was last told to us to then put it with three different genres, I found that task quite easy but i haven’t completed it yet.

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