Wednesday 4th January

Today I am only in for one day which is pointless so I only have two and half hours of media. I had to re edit it some of my podcast as some of it overlapped which i didn’t realise before even though I did listen through it, I have now fixed the problem so nothing overlaps when Charlie and I talk in the podcast. I still need to do a logo but I have no idea how to use Photoshop so I am stuck right now, I also need to do my apple product which I have somewhat started but I don’t really know what I am exactly meant to do it for it.

I got given a checklist so I can tick off the things I have fully completed, I have completed half of what needs to be done which is the music video and podcast even though I still am somewhat working on my podcast all the little things which is a part of it has been completed which is good. I just need to do two more things for my podcast then I have finished with that which means I will be able to uploads on to YouTube.

I am now focusing on my apple product as it is something simple and easy to do, I will most likely do it at home than at college as its not really something as important like my podcast. The only thing I will need to do at college for my apple product is the mock up image as I will need to use Photoshop for that which I hope doesn’t take too long, a Facebook mock up and a Twitter mock up.

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