Podcast Evaluation

The project was to create my own podcast about anything, I was stuck for ideas for a while because why would I want to record myself talking and that I would never want to be a part of a podcast. Nick was helping me for ideas and asked me various questions for example ‘What do I always use?’ I then said my phone and that is where my idea then started he then told me to watch a video that a student last year did about phones. I had to think of around 12 questions a few main ones and a few fillers, I didn’t need a script just questions to guide me along the way so I could expand from that. I also had to do some research about teenage addiction to phones so it shows I know what I am doing and so it seems somewhat less amateur if I just winged which I did basically do but it still turned out to be something. I did keep avoiding doing the podcast because I felt that it was pointless to me and I had no one to do it with.

The software I used was Adobe Audition which I have used before but it was complicated. I mainly used the cutting tool to get the specific clips I needed for my podcast as I did do various takes for it. I also increased the loudness of the whole podcast. I exported the project into Adobe Pro Premiere CC 2015 so then I am able to add my logo onto it so it can show throughout but I haven’t uploaded it onto YouTube as I haven’t created it yet.

I didn’t find much hard but there was a few obstacles in the way for example at one point I hadn’t saved the new copies of my audio as I left it as ‘Uncategorised’ which to the iMac basically means its rubbish so it deletes the files. I then had to re edit half of what I had already edited of my audio track which was quite boring and draining for me as I had already done it. The whole editing process mainly ‘cutting’ was tiring as I had to keep listening to my voice over and over again and picking which parts I wanted to keep and if I had already mentioned certain things before. Another thing I found annoying for me was that because I had done various takes for the podcast I got rid of big section in the middle and kept most of the last takes each section of audio that I had cut I had to drag all the way to the start so there was no gaps or silence that then became so frustrating as I had to keep repeating the process over and over again putting the pieces together. What I found easy was probably actually recording the podcast as I was just talking and having fun with it all, I thought it would be boring doing it but because I was doing it with one of my friends it was fine.

I guess it was a successful piece of work seeing that I didn’t really want to do it in the first place, I think it turned out well for my first time doing a podcast and actually editing it. I am happy with what I have done as its completed and out the way even though it isn’t uploaded yet. All I have to do when I go back is add in a backing track, create a logo for myself then export and upload it onto YouTube. I think overall it all went well despite doing it so last minute but I am proud of myself and what I was able to do in such a short space of time. If I was to do differently I definitely record the whole audio in one take so that there is somewhat less for me to edit as it would be so much more easier then having to edit 5 different audio tracks to then make one full one. I was listening to my podcast to see if I had edited it all turns out there are a few overlaps when myself and Charlie are talking which I don’t remember editing like that so now I have gone through the whole of my audio track and made sure that nothing overlapped, everything as in the right place and now I feel like it is. (See below)


It hasn’t been exported yet because I need to do my logo on Photoshop but after that I will export it onto YouTube. I have now done my logo that will be shown throughout the podcast (see below) I did keep changing my mind on what it should be but I decided to keep it plan and simple with just my name and an image. I did come across a few challenges when exporting my audio from audition into premiere because the actual size of the video wouldn’t fit my logo from Photoshop so I had to keep making a new file each time the problem has been resolved. The only thing I have left to do is add in some background music to play during my podcast then I will be able to export it to YouTube this will all be done by next week.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 13.52.03.png(My Logo)

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.36.15.png

I have now added in background music to my podcast to add that sheer bit of joy and entertainment to it. I have had to use two songs as the first song isn’t long enough but the ending and start of both the songs is quite similar so it one another so there is somewhat an easy flow to it which sounds good in my opinion. Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.41.51.png

In the screenshot above you can see me turning the volume down for the music I have added in and making my podcast audio louder so it is heard about the music.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.57.37.png

In this screenshot above I am editing specific points in the volume automation as these parts were either quite quiet so that means the music you can hear the music above it or parts of the podcast audio was distorted (showing red in the volume metres) on the right hand side. I had to go to the pen symbol to add in those little dots on either side of the specific part I wanted to either lower or raise the volume. I added a few dots in the middle of them to either drag up or down depending on the volume of the certain sound.

I did realise yesterday when listening back to my audio that theres a weird sound as if two parts have overlapped when I edited it in Adobe Audition so I will look back on it to see if I have made that mistake. I went back and listened to the audio I thought had a slight hiccup but it sounds fine, I did make some more of the audio a bit lower so it sounds more with a flow.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 13.40.22.png

Above is a screenshot of me exporting my video so then I will be able to upload it onto YouTube. My podcast is now on YouTube

Next time I would interview more people so I can get a wider range of answers so then I could do an overall summary and comparison. I would chose a different topic which is more entertaining so I could find better questions, more research for it as well as more views on that video. I might also add in various one shot sound effects for it to be more entertaining and laid back.

Below is an image of my podcast on YouTube. The link is in my next post.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 15.34.05.png

One thought on “Podcast Evaluation

  1. This is a good level of reflection. Especially as you didn’t want to do the task. Get it exported and uploaded so I can hear it!


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