Music Video Complete – Week Fourteen

Monday I finished my music video, I exported it then uploaded it to on to YouTube. I did face a few problems with the video, the quality when it was on YouTube looked so bad so then I decided to re upload it again same thing happened, I told Steve and he showed me what I didn’t do which was change the quality from 240p to 1080p HD as that is the highest quality for any video on YouTue. I also found out awhile after it was posted that there was a black screen at a certain point which never realised before even though I watched my video over and over again in Premiere Pro CC 2015. I put my video on private so no one could see my mistake even though there was a few views on it so when I get back to college I can take it down and edit the video export it and upload it again.

Tuesday I am now editing the little part of the video with the black screen. I finished editing the black screen now and it’s on YouTube. I’ve also started doing my YouTube banner and logo by going on photoshop and messing about with it. I did take screenshots from my video of myself to use for my banner but it’s not finished yet. I also finished editing my podcast but I cant upload as I have no image for it to be posted on to YouTube.


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