Music Video

4 thoughts on “Music Video

  1. What went well;

    The music video was in keeping with the subject matter, showing an insight into a trip and living, furthermore the time-lapse of the road was a nice addition and adds a higher level of quality to the video, along with the steel drummer playing during the instrumental interlude

    What could have gone better;

    The stability of the video could have been improved by using a tripod or selfie stick just to make it a little bit less jarring on the eyes, furthermore adjusting the white balance and focus during filming cause there are moments where the colours was out the scene


  2. I like how the video is Christmas themed with all the decorations around London, the big lights especially when you was what I’m guessing was a bus.

    I really liked the time lapse because all the cars and people passing really quickly looked very cool.

    I think you should have done the time lapse when it was darker though as all the lights would have seemed brighter.


  3. I like the different angles that you are using in this video and as well I like the christmas lights that you include in your video.

    You need to improve where you edit the clip that goes faster because it goes forwards and backwards and I can’t catch up what I am looking at.


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