Music Video Evaluation

The project was to create a music video, I had to chose a song and various locations for my video. It took me a while to pick a song then I chose one but then changed it last minute to a song that would suit the video. I developed my idea by just randomly deciding to go to London to somewhat look like a tourist and film various scenes, most my footage is from Oxford Street and some of Piccadilly Circus. The software I used to edit my video was Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 which I can say I know how to use. I mainly cut certain parts of the footage I captured in London. I exported the video so I could be able to post it onto YouTube.

The things I found hard was what order to put the footage in and what clips were good enough to be put into the video as it had to somewhat what go with the flow of the music be more entertaining. Also going through all the footage to see if any parts that I filmed were shaky, blurred etc. I filmed a fair amount of clips for my video so going through and go back to find where I got certain clips for became boring and hard having to remember. What I found easy was probably editing it once I had all the clips that I needed/wanted for the video. I guess another thing that was easy was cutting certain parts that could be used somewhere else as well as overlapping certain clips.

I believe its a successful piece of work as I did try my best when filming and editing it, I think the outcome was up to a good standard. I am happy with the final piece as I knew exactly what I was doing when it came to editing. I have uploaded the YouTube but the quality of the video has gone down, the video looks somewhat pixelated. I sorted out the problem as I just had to put the quality to 1080p HD. Also when I uploaded it and watched it myself there was a part which just had a black screen for less than a second which I didn’t realise before even though I watched my video multiple times before exporting so now I am going back into Premiere Pro CC 2015 to change that then export then upload again.

I think a lot of things went well overall the footage I captured was good quality as I did include various angles and shots. The outcome of the whole video in my opinion looks better then I expected so that went well. If I was t do this again I would probably choose a more known song as it could draw more peoples attention, I would also get more shots and angles as I didn’t get many but I did include some, it would make the video more professional yet I do like how it is with just a few. I go to more locations as I only went to two places but within them two places I did film a lot, I would go to the London Eye, Big Ben, Southbank etc.

Below are a few images of my music video up on YouTube. The link is my next post.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 15.31.16.png


Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 15.31.36.png


3 thoughts on “Music Video Evaluation

  1. Your video is really good. I like the way the steel pan guy looks like he’s playing the part in the track. It’s a great cheerful song and the feel of the video fits this mood really well.

    Your planning could have done with a bit more detail – It does feel a bit like you went up to London with a camera and just got whatever you happened to get. That’s worked OK for this project, but that sort of approach will be problematic for you in later projects.

    When reflecting in future you MUST do regular short posts at every stage – That’s key to getting the higher grades in your FMP so get in that habit now!
    Well done. Overall the project is acceptable. The things you could have done to lift the grade would have been to relate your research directly to your product (e.g.: identifying the shots used in the video from your research.) and shown ongoing reflection.


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