Podcast Editing – Week Thirteen

On Monday I edited a bit more of my music video, I don’t know what transitions and effects I should use as I think it does flow well with mist parts because of the different shots I took and how they are done. I have finally recording my podcast about teenage use on phones, I didn’t want it to be boring so its somewhat entertaining to listen to, thanks to Charlie. Steve showed me how to set everything up and how everything worked when recording so I got the hang of it quite easily even though I was worried I would forget.

Tuesday I watched over my music video and I am thinking I won’t add in any effects because I feel that it looks fine the way it is, there is one part of the video at the end I may change so it’ll fit the music more but after that I have finished. I also got my podcast audio onto my local storage and in my folder, I didn’t know how to edit it as some parts of it was just myself & Charlie just laughing and messing about it but during the laughing parts we did do the podcast. Mark showed me the basics of how to edit the audio and to increase the volume of it which I need to do for most of it. Tomorrow I am gonna focus on editing this podcast so it’ll be done before the last day.

Wednesday I focused on my podcast, I increased the volume of it all and put them onto a different track. When doing the podcast I did a few takes so when I was editing it today I kept the parts that sounded best and deleted the rest. I only was able to go through my audio so next Monday I will go through the other order then match it all up add a backing tracking then it will be finished. With my music video I just have to do one more thing then I will upload it onto YouTube, I also need to do the banner and logo on photoshop next as well as the apple product.


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