Short Animation Video – Evaluation

The project was to pick a short animation video from youtube then mute the actual audio so then I could use my own with sounds I got from the zoom. I picked the ‘Funny Birds’ video. To be honest I didn’t really have an idea, I had no clue how to actual use Adobe Audition I was first just trying to get an understanding of it so then later I would be able to create my own edited sounds. I used Adobe Audition to do the audio but for it to be then exported I then had to transfer it into Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 so it then could be exported onto Youtube. For me to actually get somewhat decent sounds that fit the video, I went through basically every sound effect there was which was tiring and boring. I did have to select certain parts of the sounds I had captured to then get the right sound. I found finding the perfect sounds to go with the video hard because nothing suited the video, the effects used didn’t relate.

Adobe Audition for me was quite difficult to understand it is still hard for me to get but I have somewhat of an understanding. Another thing was syncing the birds mouths opening and closing in time we the sounds I had created for them. To be honest I didn’t find much easier I guess as I got to the ending of editing the audio it became easier as I knew how to export the video. It is somewhat successful as I completed the task at hand, there is 5 sounds and a background sound throughout. I guess I am somewhat happy that I completed the project as it did take me awhile to understand it so I am happy. Completing the project is what went well knowing that this was my first time editing audio with adding in effects is somewhat an accomplishment for me. I wouldn’t really want to do this again because I know I would have forgotten how to actual use Adobe Audition but if I was to do it differentially I would add in more sounds and maybe change the video to a much simpler one even though this one was simple.


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