What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is something that is mainly audio but can be visual, its an audio file that allows you to download it from the internet onto a computer, laptop or even a portable media player. This then means the person or people who are behind doing the podcasts are then able to edit the podcasts after they’ve finished recording so then its the way they’d like it to be. A podcast can be can be easily transported for example you can do¬†multiple things whilst listening to a podcast, its somewhat a version of listening to music.

Podcasts can be about anything and anyone from a review on a movie to series. A main podcast that most people listen to without even thinking its one is a radio station for example BBC Radio, that has various stations that do different things from one another for example, music and world topics. You are able to stream live when doing podcasts so your viewers can just tune in instead of waiting till you have fully posted onto the internet for them to download. Over the years podcasts have been becoming well known, various things have come out of it for example Audible which is where there is over 200,000 books for people to chose from so they are able to listen to a book whilst doing anything they want, it helps people who aren’t so good at reading or prefer not to read can use this app.

What is the difference between a Podcast and other forms of media?

Podcast are different from other forms of media such as a tv show, when watching a tv show you have to stay in the exact same place whilst watching, you aren’t really able to multitask when watching tv but with podcasts you could do multiple things for example cleaning your house whilst listening to someones podcast.

How do you make a Podcast?

To make a podcast the equipment you will need is a microphone any is fine for recording it, you will obviously need a computer or laptop so you can record, edit and upload your podcast of people to listen to. On your laptop or computer it will need an editing software so you can actually record and edit this means you will need a Digital Audio Workstation. You will also need any pair of headphones so you can hear yourself and others thats if you have guests.

Before getting all this equipment you should definitely know what your podcast s going to be about for example if theres some sort of theme to it,either focusing on various topics or sticking to one individual one. There is no point doing a topic you aren’t interested in so do one you know a lot about as it will be more fun for you to do, it will help you stay more focused on it. The next big thing is how long you want you episodes to be, I have read that some podcasts do not go over an hour as it could get boring for the listeners. If you are thinking of doing a topic then you should maybe do it in segments so you will then know your limit. It doesn’t matter if not all your podcast are the same line just make sure there is a certain limit.

Once you have a board line idea of what you are planning to do, you should have a script even if you are going from one thing to another, have a script so at least the certain things you want to mention throughout your time podcasting is mentioned. Its important to do if if our doing various segments so it has somewhat of a flow to it and not rushed. You need to think about how many times you are going to air your podcast episodes, weekly, biweekly or even monthly?

For people to actually listen to your podcast you will need social media for example Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram so you are able to go further wit your podcast, it is so your audience are aware of when you’re airing your podcast. It is also good to have a website so you can post you podcasts onto and giving updates to our listeners etc.

Have you had any experience in making a Podcast before?



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