Music Video Ideas

Main Idea:

The Video will start off with a fade in and the ending will be be a fade out. The first shot will be in London of random people walking about, I might time-lapse it or just speed it up. I think I will base the video on one person and put effects on them for example a scribble effect, glitch but this will happen throughout the video not just one part. The camera will just follow the person around, there will be different shots of that person and the scenery for example a few medium shots, panning and some over the shoulder shots throughout the video. With the effects and transitions I mainly want them to be on the beat of the song I have chosen so it gives off a good concept of the video. I guess I am mainly filming somewhat anything and everything then editing it with a few or so effects and transitions so it is able to tie in with the music. When I’m outside filming I will probably just use natural lighting but when I am college I will use a lighting reflector. I understand that some music videos tell a story but with mine it wont really be a story just something that I am having fun with.


Someone fades in and out (start and end)


Green Screen?

Effects on someone


Multiples of someone standing

People walking around

Scribble effect


Shots & Angles:

Close Up


Medium Shots

Long Shots

Over The Shoulder Shot



The woods




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