Ideas – Week Seven

This week I was taught how to set up and dedo light which is very easier to set up. I was shown different lightings in the tv room, I have an understanding of what I would have to do if I was left alone in that room to work. I also was put into a group with Troy and Olivia we got given a camera, tripod and light reflector, we the had to go around the college using this reflector for short video clips or photos, we didn’t know how really to use it but I think  I understand what has to be done.

Today I had to focus back on the adobe audition, I still can’t find my sounds that relate to the video I have chosen but I’m gradually making progress, I now have a background sound and one sound with an effect.

The whole of this week I have mainly been focusing on what I should do for my music video but I have no idea what should be in it or should be in it, I really stuck for ideas so I need to think fast.


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