Angles – Week Six

This week I focused on the various camera angles, I didn’t know there were so many different ones for example Extreme close up (ECU or XCU), Big close-up (BCU), Close-up (CU), Medium Close-up (MCU). I didn’t know that there was this many various close-ups when people did their shots. From my previous work on ‘music video directors’ I had to choose one of the directors I chose ‘David Fincher’ as I know a lot of the people he has worked with. I then had to pick one of his music videos to look at the various camera angles I chose Justin Timberlake Ft Jay Z – Suit & Tie. I found around four or five of the camera angles on the list given to me, I had to describe why the Fincher decided to use this one etc, that work is now completed and a post on my wordpress. I have now added in a couple more camera angles that I have seen and added in more detail with each one.

I also finished my blog post about the various directors given to me, I had to find out about their background, who they have worked with/made videos for, if they have a certain genre of music they work in, certain techniques they use when making the music video and to link one video they have done.

I have also gone back to focusing on Adobe Audition CC 2015, I understand what I’m meant to do but I just don’t know how, its quite confusing but I’m slowly figuring it out.

One thing I don’t know what to do is a music video, I don’t know what song to use or how my video is going to be for example the layout, angles to use etc.


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