Welcome Quiz Evaluation

The project was to go round the college in groups finding out information then having to edit the footage captured individually. The software I used was Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, I thought I wouldn’t get how to edit but I got the hang of it quicker than I thought. The tools I used ‘cut’ where I could chop down parts of my video I didn’t want anymore same with my audio. I also used title where I would add them before certain clips. I exported my video onto YouTube.

I found a few things hard for example syncing the audio and the video clip so it would match perfectly. For awhile I didn’t know to add in video transitions but then i realised how to do it, it wasn’t really difficult for me but after I found out what to do, I got use to adding them in. I kept forgetting how to add in titles so each time I worked on my project I had to keep finding a tutorial on YouTube. I also found exporting the video was hard because I had to re upload, it took me a while to figure what I had be doing wrong the whole time but now its up on Youtube. The things I found easy was having to cut what parts of the video clips I wanted to keep, that was definitely the easiest part of editing as most other things were somewhat difficult.

I believe the project I have done was somewhat successful as it was my first time editing so I feel like I did very well. I am happy with what I have done it came out better than i expected which I am happy with.  What went well was that I actually completed the work project and it came out great, I think my whole editing of me using the ‘razor’ tool was probably the main thing that went well. If I was to do it again I would probably get more/better video footage than before and be in a different group more easier to work with than the one I was in. I think my editing would be improved as I would want it to be better than the first one.

Below is an image of my podcast on Youtube. The link has been posted before this.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 15.36.26.png


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