Finished – Week Four

This week I have finally finished editing my ‘Welcome Quiz’ video, I just had to add in the final video transitions and titles then it was done. I had to export it then it on to YouTube which was easier than anticipated. When I got home to watch my video I realised I had made a mistake and spelt a word wrong so when I get back to college on Monday I will have to take it down (its currently on private) and re edit the part that I spelt wrong, which wasn’t there before I posted it.

This week I have also focused on Adobe Audition, I still get confused by it because it seems so hard to grasp but I will eventually get the hang of it. Finding certain sounds for my shirt animation film is difficult and when editing that sound takes a while for me because I have zero clue on what sounds good.

The past 12 days at college has been an eye opener for me that I wont like everyone on my course, well frankly I like everyone but one person who is just so full of themselves and generally believes that they are at a higher stand than everyone. Its just rude how someone truly believes their opinion is only the correct one, it amazes me how this person can criticise EVERYONE on our course but when it comes to them being criticised its a whole different story. I quote ‘its wrong, I disagree, you’re lying’ but I’m guessing this person forgets everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion. Its funny that when people confront this person about what he has wrote on his wordpress he directly tell them it wasn’t aimed at them but we all know who its directed out. I’m disgusted to why this person thinks that I am ‘uninterested’ in being at this college, I am more than happy to be here, I’m grateful I got in to this college, I think certain people need to not jump to false accusations. To be honest I don’t understand how one person thinks that we are all below him, I think this persons forgets at the end of the day we are all taking a’Level 2 Creative Media Course’.


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