YouTube Research

Celebrating YouTube’s Influence on Music 


YouTube first launched in 2005, its first year was very successful with establishing a strong brand. This website enables you to quickly share videos with anyone and everyone. At the start get 100 million views per day and get profits of $15 million. YouTube made its profits from advertisements played on the site and videos. When it first started YouTube had no idea which videos would go viral instantly so it was merely a waiting game so then this made it difficult for advertisers. Its embedded functions helped gain them more popularity. YouTube gained featured advertisements from major companies like Toyota and Hyundai.

Music made YouTube more desirable for advertisers because of music videos. Music artists could easily gain more of following from this. YouTube finally became a top grossing website. As YouTube was gaining they also gained a few enemies along the way for example major record labels became threatened by the easy accessibility of music videos. This is one of the reasons music videos and the songs became copyrighted. YouTube has also created an environment in which anyone can be creative and be acknowledged for their talents. YouTube has helped careers happen because of that artist posting on their website.

In March 2010, YouTube launched the Musicians Wanted program. Youtube has basically changed the face of the music industry by helping people along the way by allowing them to go further and gain success from it without any help from any major labels.


Miller, D. (February 2011). Celebrating Youtube’s Influence on Music . Available: Last accessed 5th October 2016.

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