Music Video Research

Music Video Homework

The music video I have chosen is Drake ft Rihanna – Take Care

I chose this music video because it is different from others as it is so simple yet so effective. It is more laid back and has no meaning behind it, it proves to people you don’t always need to go all out in videos yet it will still look/be amazing.  There isn’t a plot or storyline to the actual music which makes the music video more unique. Drake and Rihanna are one of my favourite artists so this is why I have chosen them.

Song Released – 21 February 2012

Music video was released – 23 April 2012

Genre – Club, R&B, Pop Rap

Directed by Yoann Lemoine; believed the shoot was ‘very minimal’ and ‘mellow’

The music video took three days to shoot.

The theme of the music video was simplicity, animals and landscapes. Lemoine admits that the video is fairly empty but I think the emptiness makes it more of a dramatic scenario. Drake and Rihanna played the roles of a couple wanting to be together but knowing it is hard for them. It also shows the effect of global warming and how it is destroying the beauty of nature. The video leaves a message of seriousness yet doesn’t show it how you think it would be.

Recorded – Metalworks Studios, Canada

Mixing – Studio 206, Canada

Production – Jamie xx and Noah “40” Shebib

Vocal recording – Noah “40” Shebib and Ruben Riveara

Engineer – Noel Cadastre

Instrumentation – Jamie xx

Kasper Tuxen ― Direction of Photography

Charles Infante ― Art Direction

Jarrett Fijal ― Editional

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