More Editing & Audio- Week Three

This week we went around the college in small groups with zooms to get random sounds. We got these sounds so we can use it for background noise for a short animation clip of our choice. I then had to import on to my computer and put it into local storage in a folder so the rest of my group were able to get it as well. I thought importing the audio was going to be hard but it was easier than I expected.

Steve showed us all how to use Adobe Audition which is mainly used for audio. It was a lot to take and I did get confused so I just played around with the sounds I had but didn’t save any as it was just a little test for me.

I continued to edit my video, I eventually watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to add in titles for my video, when I watched it I realised how simple it actually was to do it as well as importing a photo. I then asked someone how to add in video transitions and as well it was easier than I thought, I did try before to add in transitions but it did not work.

I feel that this week I have accomplished more than I thought even with a stapler almost killing me.

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