Welcome – Week One

On the first day I got introduced to everyone on the course, we did an icebreaker quiz to get to know one another. I met Steve who briefed us on the whole course and what we are going to do throughout the year. I also met Elena who I have every fornight we did another kind of quiz with her so she was able to know us. Elena set us in groups so we could do an activity, it was focused on genres of movies and what movies groups thought was the best in that genre.With Steve this week we mainly focused on how to work the Macs, the main sites we were going to use including wordpress. These few days were just us setting up certain accounts we will be using throughout the year. It was a week of just settling in and getting use to everything and everyone.

Steve then put us in groups so we can do our first project, the project was to go round the college and find out various information within the questions given to us, we were given a camera, tripod and a zoom. It took us a lot of retakes to eventually get the perfect shots. The group I was given wasn’t the best of groups especially one person who decided to take charge of everything and not allow any of us to be in front of the camera or even use it as if we were his sidekicks, he made it seem as if our first project was a life or death moment. I do not like this person as he is too full of himself, he makes it seem as if we have to work at his pace which is way too fast for my liking’s, it was our first week here and I already didn’t like him or his personality. This why the group had to keep retaking because of the way he was acting towards us which put us off wanting to do this task even though we all wanted to.

After we finally worked as a team and had everything we needed, we then all had to work as individuals as we were all editing the footage captured separately. I have never edited anything before so this is somewhat a challenge for me. It was also my first time using Adobe Premiere CC so I had no clue what to expect. Having to sync the audio with the actual footage is quite hard seeing that its has to be perfect. As for now I feel that I am doing good at the pace I am going at but once I get the hang of it, I will end up improving.



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